Membership Information


Requesting Permission


Guests are welcome to ride up to two (2) times per calendar year, but must receive prior permission by contacting the TNYH office at at least 24 hours prior to the start of the meet, at which time permission will be sought from a Master on your behalf. Once permission has been granted, our meet location, time and directions will be provided to you. Pay a capping fee appropriate to the season (see below) and sign a Waiver. Western attire and tack are always welcome. We always have a non-jumping group and sometimes have a Leisure Field that follows at a walk & trot only (note: this field is on a request basis - if you want a Leisure Field, then please request it). Guests will be paired with an experienced member to show you the ropes and help you and your horse enjoy the day. To request our current Schedule, please send an email to info@TNYH.Horse or go to the Calendar to see the dates.


Capping Fees


Spring Season (mid-Apr to end of May) - $60 

Summer Season (mid-Aug to mid-Sept) - $60 

Fall Season (Opening Meet in mid-Sept to end of Nov) - $120 

Leisure Field - Same caps as above. Please check with to determine if the Leisure Field will be out the day you wish to ride

Juniors (age 18 and under) pay ½ of the above cap


Landowners ride on a complimentary basis when the meet originates at the landowner’s property


Please place your capping fee (exact change please) or cheque payable to 'TNYH' in an envelope along with your Waiver and find the Field Secretary when you arrive. Just ask, and someone will be pleased to point them out to you.