Spring Season

  • Mid-April to the end of May

  • Every Wednesday and Saturday

  • 10:00AM start

Summer Season

  • Mid-August to mid-September

  • Every Wednesday and Saturday

  • 8:00AM start in August

  • 9:00AM start in September


Fall Season

  • Mid-September to the end of November (weather permitting)

  • Opening Meet usually occurs on the second Saturday in September following Labour Day

  • Every Wednesday and Saturday

  • 9:00AM start in September

  • 10:00AM start in October

  • 11:00AM start in November


Directions will be provided after Guests receive permission from a Master to ride with us. Refer to Requesting Permission.


On Wednesdays we average 15 to 20 horses and riders, and on Saturdays between 30 and 50.


Western attire and tack are always welcome whether riding as a member or guest.


Hunts are typically two to three hours in duration, followed by a well-deserved Hunt Breakfast.


We ride in rain, shine or snow, except when thunder and lightning or ice are present, or other adverse conditions. The safety of the hounds, horses and riders is paramount.

To request a Fixture Card please send an email to info@TNYH.Horse


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Toronto & North York Hunt


Tel: 416 655 0460

Where we ride


We alternate locations each time we ride to hounds and currently meet near the following towns: Creemore/Mulmur, Dunedin, Singhampton, Maxwell, Feversham, Thornbury, and Heathcote.